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Cat Book cover for the cat book: In Defense of Cats!
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Beloved Cat - Janette's Tribute to All Cats

Janette finds that there is always more to write about the irresistible cat, and her latest labor of love is a two sonnet poem (below) about cats called "Beloved Cat: Once Mortal Enemy, Now Immortal Friend." Written in iambic pentameter which was also a favorite poetic form of the great William Shakespeare, the poem was written as a loving tribute to all cats after author Janette's loss of her beloved cat Magic

A few more pictures below. I sure do miss wonderful Magic and am so grateful I now have cat Tristan Jinx to ease the heartbreak.

Cat Book Author Janette's Beloved Cat MagicMagic snuck out with dogs Finnan and Keira as often as he couldCat Book Author Janette's Beloved Cat Magic

Note: Some iambic pentameter poets "who know the rules to break the rules" will reverse the soft and hard stress in a two-syllable "foot" (called inversion) or add an extra syllable (beat) for dramatic effect as Janette did in a few places.
Beloved Cat
Once Mortal Enemy,
Now Immortal Friend
A Two Sonnet Poem
by Janette Noelle Dean
With magic eyes that seem to touch the soul,
The cat's transfixed us since our human dawn.
Its silent, deadly chase, though, brought much woe;
We'd had to outwit it or soon be gone!
One glimpse, one shadow, of its stealthy form
Would seize our breaths and stop us in our tracks;
For any second, we could be the warm,
Needed meal their sharp claws and fangs made lax.
We chuckle now at games of cat and mouse
But don't forget, we once were feline prey
When their blood-curdling shriek and fatal pounce
Too often meant we'd lived our final day.
Cat Book author Janette Noelle Dean's new poem Then ten some thousand years ago, a size
Was met who had no need for our demise.
Often seen hanging around our new towns,
The small and happy lounger acted calm.
Such peaceful ways began to lift our frowns,
Its transformation was a healing balm!
Now well-fed on rodents nibbling our grain,
The predator no longer posed a threat;
And the instinct to fear it left our brain
As we began a bond we'd not regret.
It was for love of such masterpieces
That we then kept cats as our very own.
With beauty, grace, and charm that never ceases,
They're treasured family who kept their throne.
Old foe, old nemesis, with softest fur,
Who'd have ever believed we'd make you purr?
                            The End
                    Copyright © 2012
                   All Rights Reserved

Inspiring Humanist Poem Also Written

A Poem for 
Humanists & Idealists
Cat Book Author Janette Noelle Daen's humanist poem
Janette wrote the poem Spark to provide hope, a sense of purpose, and a feeling of fellowship to idealists and all people who desire a more humanistic world. Shakespeare fans will recognize that my poem Spark has an iambic pentameter poetic format which is very pleasing to the ear and enjoyable to read. Please let Janette know if you like it by writing to her on this sites' Contact Us page.
Spark is available for just 99 cents at Amazon's Kindle Store as an eBook. Kindle eBooks can be easily read on any PC, Mac, laptop, notebook, tablet, smartphone or Kindle device. You can also visit Janette's Author Page on Amazon.
Thanks to all for being "patrons of the arts" with your purchase of my literary works!
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