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In Defense of Cats! is the humorous new tribute to domestic cats for all ages, especially parents and other adults who are reading to kids.

Fully-illustrated with several fascinating scenes of cats, the easy-to-download e-book describes and defends cats from all walks of life while instilling the important values of love, respect, compassion, dignity and diversity. Toward the end of the book, the importance of protecting wild cats and wildlife is also stressed.

Written in 17 fun-to-read verses of rhyming couplets as narrative poetry by author Janette Noelle Dean, the book is meant to be a new storytelling classic and is additionally published as In Defence of Cats! for British readers.

Kids will adore the amusing and winsome English cat character named Sir William who boldly and bravely stands up for himself and his fellow felines against those who would defame them. With each vignette that he recounts, Sir William further whisks readers and listeners on a fascinating insider’s journey into the minds and lives of cats and then succeeds in his crusade to win over the heart and conscience of his visiting guest(s).

Cat lovers of all ages are also invited to follow Sir William the Cat on Twitter. He likes to follow others, too!

Now Available for just $7.99 at the Amazon Kindle Store even if you read it a million times!

Now fully-illustrated, In Defense of Cats! was published August 2016 on as an eBook for any Kindle device, computer, laptop, computer tablet or smartphone. The Kindle reading application for any device is free to download and very user-friendly.

Offered in both American English AND in British English (also known as the Queen's English or Oxford English), the cat book In Defense of Cats! features over 19 beautiful illustrations and a special medal for readers.

  The free Kindle software application also includes a few free complete Kindle books.  

Inspiration for Writing In Defense of Cats!

Author Janette Noelle Dean originally conceived of the book on a beautiful day in Los Angeles as a needed rebuttal to negative comments about cats that she had heard through the years. Her aim with the book is to defend cats and cat behavior with humor by sharing the habits and experiences of domestic cats while showing concern for endangered wild cats and all wildlife.

The poem is also meant to be a witty allegory for human prejudgments. To reveal the importance of dignity, love and understanding - and the values of diversity, tolerance and empathy - she found a most appropriate figure in the very individualistic and controversial, yet highly companionable and beloved cat.

Dean named her Sir William cat character after "The Bard" William Shakespeare who is one of the greatest English poets and playwrights in history and known for many poignant monologues. Rose Dean, the author's artistic mother, brought Janette's vision of Sir William and his cat friends to life in the book's many striking and appealing illustrations.

The book is also a fun and engaging book for anyone who is learning English as a second language.

Janette Noelle Dean is also the author of another written work about wild cats and domestic felines called Beloved Cat: Once Mortal Enemy, Now Immortal Friend.

The Popularity and Importance of Cats and Pets

Cats – and the books, movies, and plays about them are extremely popular. In fact, according to a 2017-2018 American Pet Products Association's Pet Owners Survey which released 2016-collected data, the most numerous family pet in America is the cat with 44.1 million households owning over 94.2 million cats. The New York Times reported in 2008 that more men are unabashedly embracing their love of cats, too.

Janette and Rose also love dogs and according to the same survey, there are over 89.7 million dogs in America in over 60.2 million households. America is therefore quite an animal-loving country (like many other countries) with the survey showing there are over 68% of U.S. households with a pet - a total of 84.6 million households. Recent research also indicates that being exposed to cats and dogs within one's first year of life can prevent lifelong allergies.

Most importantly, research studies recently reported in Woman's Day continue to prove that owning and bonding with pets elevates feelings of well-being and happiness, teaches love and nurturing, lowers stress, and provides other health benefits. In fact, as reported by the National Science Foundation, 100% of pet owners consider their pets as family members.

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