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British Website Is Live!

We have created and launched our British website for British readers at http://www.indefenceofcats.co.uk because American spellings would be wrong and very distracting to them.  I hope "the British are coming, the British are coming" to the site as we speak, and that they will accept Sir William as their own! 
I really admire the British people's sense of humor, their sensibility and their fortitude.  They call things as they see them and don't suffer fools easily or mince words.  I hope I've succeeded in revealing those same dispositions in my British cat character, Sir William!  Sometimes, he does have to deliver his strong opinions with a few lumps of sugar, though, to win over his audience so he doesn't alienate them.  After all, the art of diplomacy and tact must also be practiced at times if you're going to win the hearts of many.
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